As an alternative to the trusty Páramo Directional Waterproof, a windproof and fleece combination can provide added flexibility and versatility:

  • Ideal for ‘in-between’ days when breathability is more important than total waterproofing
  • Our windproofs provide water-repellency too, easily maintained with Nikwax TX.Direct, to keep you dry in a shower
  • Combine a windproof with a fleece and you can achieve total Directional waterproof protection
  • And our windproofs and fleeces are more substantial – not flimsy or too lightweight, they’re able to survive pretty much whatever you throw at them and come with fully adjustable hoods and plenty of pockets.
Fuera Ascent Windproof Jacket

Fuera Ascent Windproof Jacket - £80.00

The Fuera Ascent Windproof Jacket, made from Nikwax Windproof, is tough, lightweight, windproof, rapid drying and offers maintainable water-repellency. More details>